Tencent's intention to acquire Foxmail

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  《 Tencent has acquired Foxmail, Zhang Xiaolong and other companies and joined QQ. QQ, an instant messaging software manufacturer, formally signed an agreement on the acquisition of Foxmail software and related intellectual property rights on March 16, 2005. Mr. Zhang Xiaolong, founder of Foxmail, and 20 Foxmail team members will join Tencent in the near future. In fact, Tencent launched "QQ mailbox" as early as May 2003. At that time, it was regarded as the first place to seize the free mailbox, but for various reasons, QQ mailbox has not made much progress. In fact, many QQ users just regard it as a function of QQ, and do not care too much about it. Free mailbox market is still flourishing. As a tool, QQ's mailbox services are not as popular as those of OE and Foxmail. 。    As we all know, major e-mail providers such as Netease, Sina, Sohu, 263, 163, TOM, 21CN have their own relatively stable user groups, and no one can occupy an absolute advantage. Because the revenue brought by e-mail is not rich compared with the value-added services such as short messages and online games, most e-mail service providers have regarded it as a basic business, and have not spent much effort to seize the market. However, as an informal symbol of the status of a website on the Internet, the number of registered mailbox users is still very important. Tencent has made it clear that it will build QQ.com into an entertainment portal, so its mailbox will also be a symbol of its status. Under the circumstance of market segmentation, Tencent hopes to stabilize and consolidate its own camp. The acquisition of Foxmail is undoubtedly in the layout. Tencent's advantage is obvious. In the field of instant messaging, no one can break hands with Tencent except Microsoft's MSN. 。 With its huge user base, the characteristics of bundling Foxmail can undoubtedly bring Tencent's mailbox service a new step, and also an attraction to users. After all, in the value-added field, who can think more about users, but also the easiest to be sought after by users. Foxmail, founded by Mr. Zhang Xiaolong in 1996, is a well-known e-mail client software. With its short and concise design, fresh and friendly interface, practical and considerate functions, Foxmail has won the favor of Chinese people. Relevant data show that the Chinese version of Foxmail has been used by more than 3 million people, and the English version has been used in more than 20 countries. By the end of February this year, data from Tencent showed that for the first time, the number of online users at the same time of Tencent QQ had exceeded 10 million. Since Tencent QQ's online population exceeded 100,000 in May 2000, it took only four years to reach a 100-fold increase. Registered users have reached more than 300 million 。 According to CNNIC statistics report, as of June 30, 2004, the total number of Internet users in China was 87 million, and the number of Internet computers reached 36.3 million. Instant messaging services, like e-mail, search engines and web browsing information, have been integrated into the daily life of Internet users to the greatest extent. According to "Tencent QQ wholly-owned acquisition FOXMAIL founder team will join Tencent", it reveals that "QQ makes Foxmail the first acquisition target: first, strengthen QQ's monopoly advantage on the user desktop; second, use QQ's existing SP resources, charging channels to convert Foxmail's powerful user base into revenue; third, extend Foxmail to other related fields, such as RSS; fourth, Foxma; Il's ownership structure is very suitable for acquisition and will not encounter too much negotiating resistance. "Microsoft's stagnation in the development of OE once gave Foxmail a chance, but in the end Foxmail did not show the kind of dominant market momentum. 。 I'm afraid this is also a reason why Mr. Zhang Xiaolong wants to "convert" to Tencent, right? After all, on Tencent's platform, Foxmail will have greater opportunities for development. In fact, as the twin brothers of Internet communication applications, instant messaging software and email can be used complementarily in many cases. Many IM vendors also provide bundles with their own Web mail systems, such as MSN and Hotmail. QQ devotes itself to the development of instant messaging, while vigorously developing the mail system can also be seen as its determination to build a large platform. Ma Huateng said that Tencent's positioning is in the field of instant messaging. Tencent's QQ mailbox aims not only at the e-mail market, but also at stabilizing its QQ's leading position in the domestic instant messaging market and fighting back the challenges of its competitors. At the beginning of the development of instant messaging software, there were two applications totally unrelated to e-mail. ICQ was an obvious example. The way of registration was a series of numbers. The way of registration of QQ originally named OICQ was the same as that of ICQ. 。 However, with the continuous development of the network, mail and instant messaging, two of the most widely used applications on the Internet, are becoming more and more integrated. As the network becomes more and more a tool and the pace of work and life is accelerating, people hope to get e-mail in time. Combining e-mail with instant messaging software is a good solution. When Tencent did not have its own mailbox system, some users deviated from themselves and chose MSN Messenger to join Microsoft. After joining QQ mailbox, Tencent's QQ + QQ mailbox and Microsoft's MSN Messenger + Hotmail have formed an equal competitive state. As we all know, MSN pays more attention to the contact between acquaintances. With its concise interface and practical functions, MSN has quickly won the favor of a considerable number of office workers. Now MSN has more than 7 million loyal users in China, which gives Microsoft the foundation and confidence to peer into the whole Chinese market. 。 In contrast, MSN users are mostly office white-collar workers, who have higher advertising value and higher potential business value, longer online time, and more stable usage rules. This is why Tencent launched the enterprise version. After acquiring Foxmail, Tencent undoubtedly sent a signal to people that a more perfect platform doomed Tencent to build its own imperial edifice. 。

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